Does your school fundraise? Do you want a new way to provide easy funds for your childs school.

Spend extra time with your family while providing reoccurring income to your childs school.  Every time you complete a service with Scrubbabubba $10.00 will be provided to your childs school..

Scrubba Gives Back is a new model that allows schools to make really easy money that can go towards iPads, consumables and the many needs that school budgets can’t provide for. At the same time your home, neighbours home, parents home can have a beautifully cleaned home and that allows you to have more time to spend with all of them. 

Scrubba Gives Back is:

  • giving back to the community

  • providing a professional cleaning service

  • creating more time for family and friends

  • supporting local schools

How does it work?

Simply enter the schools name in the drop down menu beside Scrubba Gives Back - School Fundraising when you request a service for the first time..  Scrubbabubba will continue to donate funds every time you schedule a service.

Funding Example

If the school has 400 hundred families and 25% use our services (100 X $10.00), the school would make $1000.00 that month.

If they continue to use our services monthly or bi-weekly, that would work out to approx - $1000 a month or more creating funds for many different initiatives and resources in the school.

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