What do all real estate brokers have in common ? They all need a company to clean the homes they sell. Scrubbabubba is your company. Not only are we an experience home and office cleaning company but we are the first and only cleaning company to give back to the community. 

We have an amazing give back campaign for Real Estate Brokerages and Agents. 

First if your brokerage was to use Scrubbabubba for all your cleaning needs every time there is a completed service your brokerage will get $10.00 back. Scrubbabubba will calculate monthly amounts and donate the funds anywhere you choose. i.e. schools, charities, non for profits. 

Funding Example

If you have 100 sales that month and use our services  (100 X $10.00), you would make $1000.00 that month.
The more sales the more money your brokerage makes. You can then choose how you want to give back that money.

For each agent that has 10 sales and uses our services we will also offer them a Scrubbabubba gift card that they can use to give to their clients as a gift or use it how every they wish.